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On-Site Services

We offer a variety of drug free, non-invasive services on-site at our clinic. Our treatment options range in nature from preventative to corrective. We will begin by examining each patient's body structure, function, and biomechanics to ensure the most well-rounded treatment plan for your unique situation. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation!

What We Offer


  • Rehabilitation Therapy Rehabilitation Therapy

    Rehabilitation Therapy

    After proper spinal alignment is restored, supporting muscle tissue is rehabilitated and strengthened to allow for long term recovery.

  • Maintenance & Wellness Maintenance & Wellness

    Maintenance & Wellness

    Intermittent spinal evaluations help to prevent injury and pain from activities of daily living and stress.

  • Dry Needling Dry Needling

    Dry Needling

    Dry Needling compliments adjustments in relieving muscle tension by using thin needles to create minute injuries within the tissue pulling blood to the area to promote healing.
    (Lafayette Clinic Only)

  • Physical Therapy Modalities Physical Therapy Modalities

    Physical Therapy Modalities

    We utilize various Physical Therapy Modalities to aid in recovery, such as electric stimulation, cryotherapy, moist heat, and ultrasounds.

  • Chiropractic Care/Manipulation Chiropractic Care/Manipulation

    Chiropractic Care/Manipulation

    Manipulation is used to correct spinal and extremity joint dysfunction and restore normal spinal biomechanics.

  • Spinal Decompression/ Traction Spinal Decompression/ Traction

    Spinal Decompression/ Traction

    Decompression and Traction are non-surgical treatment options for bulging, protruding, and herniating intervertebral disks.

  • Injury Treatment Injury Treatment

    Injury Treatment

    Whether you have a sports related injury or you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, Barczyk Chiropractic Group offers a wide variety of treatment options to fit your specific situation.

  • Sports Assessment Sports Assessment

    Sports Assessment

    Our sports readiness assessment program determines if athletes are at risk for joint injury and reduces the risk of future injuries.


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